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Waiting for the last train at an empty station...

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Hangeng x Misao

Still, I have (KIM JONGHYUN) in my heart ; 돌아가고 싶은걸.

{ Jonghyun } is my
dancing banana

» J A E J O O N G «
I want you, I've fallen for you, I'm crazy for you
I'm your slave; you've got me under your skin

{ MAO }
captured my heart

Let's watch the stars...

it might be sad or scary how much i love Hangeng
but to me there is no one else who can come close how much he means to me

I don't need any words
it's just you: HANGENG

Hangeng x Siwon
is my OTP! 「...please do more fanservice! ;3」

☆ If I had one wish,
It would be for you to live in happiness. ☆
♡ And if I had two wishes,
I would want to be the one you smile for. ♡

Let's watch the stars...

...Because I am a man I know the things I say are always wrong but baby, please believe me when I say:
You leave me powerless, I must confess. You’re really mine, my perfect [HANGENG].
Even if ten years go by and I’m not in your arms, just know this — you’re forever my first.
Please just listen to my heart...
Love forever, [CHOI SIWON]

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